Are You Making These Traffic and Marketing Mistakes?

Think about it – ask any online marketer if they have enough traffic, and I bet the answer is a resounding “no.” It’s like a universal truth – everyone wants more traffic.

More traffic means more customers, more sales, and let’s face it, more cash in the bank.

But here’s the catch – while we all crave more traffic, some marketers are unknowingly making some serious traffic blunders. They’re basically shooting themselves in the foot and settling for a measly trickle of traffic when they could be swimming in it.

So, let me ask you this: Are you making these deadly traffic and marketing mistakes too? Stick around to find out…


Mistake 1: Cherry-Picking Traffic Methods 

You’ve probably read heaps of stuff about getting traffic. Maybe you’ve even started planning which methods you’re gonna use and which ones you’ll skip.

Hold up there for a second…

If you’re skipping a traffic method just because you think it won’t work, fair enough. But here’s the kicker – don’t ignore proven methods that guarantee targeted traffic.

Let me break it down:

  •  You hate building a list or writing a blog because you can’t commit to a schedule.
  • Joint ventures and affiliates aren’t your thing because you like flying solo.
  • Social media? Nah, not your jam, even if your audience lives on Facebook.

What if you don’t feel like doing a certain method? Easy, hire someone to do it for you.

Don’t let a promising traffic method slip through your fingers just because you don’t feel like doing it yourself.


Mistake 2: Not Being Consistent 🎢

Picture this: you start off hyped, running ads, blogging, Facebooking – the whole shebang… Traffic starts flowing, and you get all excited. But then, uh-oh, you get distracted and start working on something else. Big mistake.

Reality check: if you stop marketing, the traffic won’t magically keep coming. Content swaps lose power, affiliates wander off, and Facebook fans vanish when you go MIA. Even paid ads won’t do squat once you hit pause.

So here’s the point…

If you want to keep the traffic not only coming in but building over time, you need to do something every day to increase your traffic.

For example, you may do one or more of the following every day:

• Recruit new affiliates or joint venture partners🤝: You might make it a goal to find five new partners before the week is out.

Send Strategic Emails to Marketing Partners 💡: At a minimum, you can send them new tools to help their promotions, such as new ads, blog posts and graphics. If you really want to get them hopping, then send out an announcement about an upcoming affiliate contest.

Fuel Your Blog and Social Presence 🚀: Don’t be a silent spectator in the digital realm. Post something on your blog, on someone else’s blog, or on social media. Or do all three. Aim for something that will engage readers and start up a discussion.

Create Viral Videos for Social Media 🎥: This could be something funny, super-useful or even controversial. Then post it on social media and see if you get any traction.

Nurture Your Email List with Engaging Content 📧: Send an email to your list. Then make it a point to do this regularly, as the only way to build a good relationship with them is by sending your list of engaging content on at least a weekly basis.

Launch Targeted Facebook Ad Campaigns 👉: Start up a Facebook ad campaign. Just be sure to use the ad platform’s power tool to get your ad in front of as targeted an audience as possible.

And so on…

Bottom line: if you want traffic to keep coming and growing, do something every day to boost it. Got it?



Mistake 3: Skipping the Tracking and Testing 📍

Here’s a mystery – many marketers waste time and money on ad strategies that don’t work. Why? Because they have no clue their ads are flopping.

And guess what? If you’re not tracking and testing, you too might be wasting a lot of money and time running lousy ads.

Solution: track everything. Use tools like Google Analytics or Even your email service provider can help.

Test one thing at a time to pinpoint what’s working and what’s not…

Like, if you’re testing the best time to send emails, split your list and send the same email at different times. Simple, right?


Conclusion: Unlock the Traffic Vault! 🚀

These mistakes might seem basic, but they’ll tank your traffic if you’re not careful. So, test everything, mix up your traffic game, and take small steps every day.

Of course the question is, what all should you be doing to build traffic? And another one: what is the best way to bring in targeted traffic?

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